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A Lesson in the Dangers of Pure Essential Oils.

A Lesson in the Dangers of Pure Essential Oils.

Every day you can find an article online or in a magazine that hypes up the benefits of using essential oils in your day to day life.  They claim that they are all natural, plant based and perfect for all sorts of conditions.   They are used in oil diffusers for aromatherapy, in many beauty products for nourishing and hydrating, and applied to the skin directly for many conditions.  But there is a dirty little secret that they don't tell you when you are being pushed to buy a wide range of essential oils.....  All natural doesn't mean 'safe' or 'harmless'. In fact on the contrary, the concentration of plant based oils in a pure essential oil is actually very caustic - harmful to your skin and surfaces around your home.

At no time should you be using pure essential oils.  They must always be diluted prior to use for safe use.  The dilution amount and what to dilute with should be left to a professional - not done at home using olive oil from your pantry, or a 'homemade' concoction made by someone selling at a flea market or on the side of the road.  Always know the person you are buying from, and understand their experience with essential oils. Ask lots of questions, don't trust that just because you are paying high prices for premium concentrate essential oils they are safe.

Did you know that pure essential oils used in a diffuser/misting aromatherapy machine release the particles in the air?  If placed near a wall or on the bare surface of furniture, the particles accumulate and will eventually erode the surface, creating pits and eating away at it.  Just imagine what it would do to your delicate skin if you use a pure essential oil!  Serious damage to your skin and severe reactions can occur if not properly diluted with other products.  Even when properly diluted they can still cause serious reactions under certain conditions.

In the news this week, and in an Allure article, a brand of essential oils (assumed to be properly blended) marked safe for applying directly to the skin caused an unexpected reaction for a woman who didn't fully understand how to properly use essential oils.  

She used a few drops of a 'skin-safe' essential oil before going to her exercise class.  As part of her normal routine, she proceeded to use a tanning bed, which caused a severe reaction to the UV rays and the essential oils.  You can read the full article at Allure. (we caution those with a weak stomach as it includes photos of what happened to her skin.)  


At Mountain Laurel Boutique, we consciously made a decision not to carry essential oils as a matter of safety and concern for our customers.  All of our products contain high quality essential oils, which are professionally prepared and mixed into our products to create a safe bath and body experience. Want to experience the benefits of essential oils in a safe way?  Stop by Mountain Laurel Boutique and try any one of our bath and body products.

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