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Organic Palm Oil

Organic Palm Oil

Did you know that that our bath and body products contain Organic Palm Oil, which is only sourced from a sustainable resource not grown in a Rainforest/jungle regions?

A lot of misinformation surrounds Palm oil because a large number of companies are deforesting to plant oil palm trees. This practice is devastating to ecosystems. Due to this many people "demonize" palm oil use, but the reality is that (just like with anything) there are those with morally bad practices and those with good practices.

For example: corn and soy production in the US is highly questionable due to genetic modification, yet we would not say all corn and soy production is bad, right? This is just to assure our customers, we support the "good" in the industry and protecting our planet and our customers is very important to us.

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  • Laura Zannis
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