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The Dirty Little Secret Behind Using 100% Essential Oils on Your Skin

The Dirty Little Secret Behind Using 100% Essential Oils on Your Skin

Every few days I have someone stop into our boutique asking if we sell pure essential oils. I politely say that we do not, because of the dangers of pure essential oils, and that we take great pride in only providing high quality products that are safe and user friendly for our customers.  I always get the same response, "well you're missing out. you could be making a fortune if you sold them.", which I just smile and think to myself that I don't have any interest in making a fortune at the expense of our customers.  We love our customers!

I came across yet another article today, this time in the Reader's Digest that highlights the dangers of using essential oils on your skin.  As it is titled, it is both scary and toxic to your body.  Don't take my word for it, you can read the full article here.

The article goes on to describe the experience of a mother of five that started using essential oils last year.  She was caught up in the craze and started putting essential oils everywhere on her body.  Not long after, she noticed a rash starting to develop which quickly grew into a dangerous situation when her eyes swelled shut and oozing welts appeared on her body.  

While there is certainly a credible science behind certain benefits for certain essential oils, you have to be educated on how to use them properly and in moderation.  Simply stated, putting 100% pure essential oils on your skin could cause burns and large blisters, and is the worst skin care advice dermatologists have ever heard, as noted in another article which you can find here.

To avoid the risk, you can take a more healthy approach by using all natural and nearly natural bath and body products that are loaded with essential oils in appropriate proportion to provide the benefits of essential oils in a more appropriate way. There is another great article that guides you to some of the best essential oils to enhance your beauty routine, which can be found here.

So next time you stop into our boutique, don't be disappointed that we don't sell pure essential oils.  Take the time to discover our healthy, safe alternative to experience a luxurious way to enhance your beauty routine by using our Mountain Laurel Bath and Body products, which are handmade locally in North Carolina using the finest essential oils and ingredients available.  Visit our website at to learn more about us and browse our full collection of bath and body, which include all natural and nearly natural bath soaps, lotions, sugar scrubs, soaking salts, lip balms, bath balms, beard oils and so much more that contain beneficial essential oils.

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