Design on a Budget – Mountain Laurel Boutique

Design on a Budget


At Mountain Laurel Boutique, we certainly understand the need to have a budget, and how important it is to stick to that budget.  We do our best to provide a full range of options at a range of price points for all our "event-ready" products, which are designed and prepared by us and are shipped ready to be placed out at your event. Sometimes, that still is not affordable to some brides, so we wanted to offer an alternative to allow them to access our beautiful handmade products for their special day.

Most of our products can be purchased in bulk at a discounted rate so that you can create and fill your packaging on your own.  Skip the cost of the labor and materials that we use to make them event ready. Often this is a more economical option for the more crafty brides.  You can purchase just the product, or even the bottle/jar/packaging in bulk so that you put them together yourself.  

This is not only a great budget-friendly option, but allow the most discriminating bride to be in total control of the end product to be just the way they want for their special day.