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Premium Beard Oil FAQ

Premium Beard Oil Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is beard oil?

Beard oil is a blend of organic cold pressed carrier oils and 100% pure essential oils. At least it should be. Our premium beard oil is a complex blend of oils to create a great balance of fast and medium absorption that will bring out the color of your beard and soften your beard and underlying skin while providing a nice subtle fragrance.

  • Why use beard oil?

Quality beard oils rejuvenate dry, itchy, scraggly beards and makes them shine. Our premium beard oil hydrates and conditions as it soaks into your hair and skin. It soothes dry skin, prevents beard-druff (dandruff of the beard), and softens the hair.    

  • Will beard oil make my beard grow?

Beard oil is not designed to stimulate growth of the hair; rather it is designed to make your hair overall more vibrant and soft.

  • How much beard oil should I use?

It depends on the length and density of your beard.  You want to use enough to lightly coat your beard hair from root to tip.  

  • How long should my bottle of beard oil last?

One two ounce bottle should last a long time if used daily, as much as a couple months or more.

  • How do I apply it?

Use the dropper applicator to put enough on your hand. Then rub your hands together to allow you to run both hands through your beard, allowing it to evenly coat your entire beard. Making this part of your daily grooming routine will bring out the best in your beard.

  • Can I apply it to a wet beard?

Beard oils can be applied to damp or dry beards.  After a shower is probably the best time to apply because your pores are open from the hot water.  Towel dry it until it is still slightly damp and apply!

  • Is your premium beard oil all natural?

Yes.  All of our premium beard oil products are all natural. We only source the finest ingredients to produce the best quality beard oil available.


  •  Do you test your products on animals and are they 'Cruelty Free' ?  

NO.  Our products are not animal tested and we do not support the killing of animals for byproducts used in making of soap.  All of our products are Vegan except for those that contain animal-friendly ingredients including Goat Milk, Honey and Beeswax.

  • What is the difference between All Natural and Nearly Natural?

The difference between "All Natural" and "Nearly Natural" is where the scent and color come from. Our All Natural products are made with essential oils, and other natural raw materials ("certified natural fragrances" , herbs, resins, and similar) and while the popular fragrance and "nearly natural" category may contain synthetic/man-made components (sources may simply not "certify" the components are derived from all natural sources.

Natural scents are limited due to the limitations of finding raw materials, the expense of the natural oils, or their inability to "stick" in the product. Popular fragrances are man made without these limitations, so you can create soaps like "Cucumelon" , "Mango" , "Brown Sugar Fig" , and similar. Though many of our natural products are still aroma rich, some may prefer the aforementioned scents and thus we have them available. With either of these categories, we have a natural vegetable oil base and always make the attempt to be as natural as possible by using herbs and clays as colorants. We also have other categories that further enhance the soaps including aloe, goat milk, and more.


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