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Please provide us some details about your plans for your special day:

  • What ideas you have in mind?
  • Do you have a theme picked out?
  • A color scheme?
  • Favorite flowers or fragrances?
  • How big will the event be?
  • When is the wedding?
  • What type of things are you looking for?  Wedding favors? Bridal Shower Gifts?  Groomsmen/Bridesmaids Gifts?  Out-of-Town Guest Baskets?  Parents Thank You Gifts?
  • What is your budget for these?

We will schedule a telephone consultation to discuss the details and together we will come up with the perfect compliment to your wedding day design.

Once we decide on the basic design/theme, we will work up some samples and ideas to share with you via an electronic meeting to finalize the selection and place the order.

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