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At Mountain Laurel Boutique we work with each bride to come up with the perfect choice for their big day.  Sometimes, it is not about which amazing product to use, but it comes down to a size that works with their design and budget.  We offer custom sizes for most of our handmade bath and body products.  Our handmade soap is made in batches of 4 loaves to a pan and can be cut into various sizes in a range of various prices.  Our standard retail bars are 1" thick and come ten to a loaf.  We can also cut our loaves in half length wise and create two smaller petite loaves to provide a smaller more cost effective option.  Likewise, we can offer full size bars, petite bars, hotel guest bars, sample pieces and more for our bath soap.


Our standard retail handmade bath soaking salts and bubble bath delight are sold in 8 ounce containers.  As a loose pour-able dry product, we can offer this in any weight to accommodate any size bottle, jar or packaging. We offer a wide range of color options for all our fragrances of bath soaking salts to match your theme.  We can even do layered colors or speckled mixes in color, or blended with flower buds or herbs and such to provide a more custom one of a kind offering to make it unique to your event. Our standard retail handmade lotions come in a 4 ounce jar.  We can provide them in 4 oz or 8 ounce containers to fit your budget.


Our standard retail handmade sugar scrubs come in a 10 ounce jar.  In addition to our standard offering, we have our full range of fragrances available for your special day. Due to their liquid nature, we are only able to offer then in a 10 ounce jar.


Lip balms are a standard size and are pre-packaged in a basic designed jar that we will customize them with labels, ribbons, packaging to compliment the theme of your big day.


Our standard retail handmade bath bombs come in a 4.5 ounce size, but can be purchased in a larger big bomb 7 ounce size.  Bath bombs come in standard, all natural, foaming and premium bath bomb mixes.  We also offer DYI mixes for a unique alternative to the more crafty guests.


Our standard retail handmade beard oil comes in a 2 ounce bottle, but can be purchased in any volume to accommodate the bottle style of your choice.

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