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Wedding favors, thank you gifts, bride and groom gifts, out of town visitor gift baskets, bridal shower/bachelor party favors, and baby shower favors that are created just for you.  Here at Mountain Laurel Boutique we focus on high quality, affordable priced bath and body products that are locally handmade here in beautiful North Carolina. 

All of our products are Vegan (unless otherwise noted), All Natural or Nearly Natural and hand made in small batches using the highest quality ingredients and essential oils.  Our products are made from scratch, created by hand from start to finish without store brand detergents, or harsh chemicals and dyes.  All our products are hand packaged to ensure superior quality and craftsmanship.

We work with each bride to come up with a package that perfectly compliments their theme of the big day, while working within the budget available.  Giving out beautifully handmade bath and body products are the perfect way to add a custom one of a kind personal touch to any wedding event no matter what the size of the venue.  Whether it is an intimate affair or a huge over the top fairy tale wedding, we can make it happen. 

Don't be left out if you decide to elope!  We offer creative options such as "wish you were here" marriage announcement gifts and wedding night romantic home spa gifts to pamper yourselves.

Have your own ideas?  Feel free to request a free consultation to discuss your options and how we can work together to make it happen.